Join your fellow California Central Coast Sculptors in an organized group designed to take advantage of the momentum that comes with multiples. We know as artists how difficult it can be to negotiate the art world as a single individual. 

Member Advantages

There are some very important advantages to becoming a member including timely notificatons and reminders of upcoming events, calendar updates, direct access to CSS partner shows/venues, web promotion opportunities and many others. 


As sculptors we run into situations that require some expertise we may not have acquired yet. Fellow members are a rich resource who can save you an enmorous amount of time. Many CCS members have been art instructors in the past.

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Please fill in the form below and we will add your name and email to the Central Coast Sculptors members list. Periodic emails will keep you informed of group activities and upcoming show submission qualifications/deadlines. By filling in the form you are also requesting to be added to Central Coast Artists Collective (CCAC) list to receive their notifications as well. The CCAC is an oversight organization comprised of three member artist groups including the Sculptors, Craft Makers and Photographers formerly associated with San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.  Special care will be taken to avoid duplication of messages. You can unsubscribe from either list any time. We do not track or sell your information.