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California Sculpture
SLAM 2017

The California Sculpture SLAM 2017 will be managed by SLOMA
Details and Call for Entries are available HERE
Enter by June 23, 2017

The event takes place September 1—October 29, 2017 

About the Juror
Brigitte Micmacker (To be added)

California Sculpture
SLAM 2015

                                   About the Juror

Bella Feldman has been creating sculpture made of wood and steel; blown, cast and etched glass, and found objects for over fifty years. A native of New York, Ms. Feldman has been a longtime teacher at California College of the Arts in Oakland and San Francisco. Ms. Feldman was honored with a retrospective exhibition at the Richmond Art Center in 2013. Her influential artwork is included in numerous collections, including San Francisco‘s de Young Museum, Oakland Museum of California, UC Berkeley‘s Art Museum and others. Bella Feldman has been a pioneer among women sculptors. She expresses themes drawn from her own life experiences—including the Depression, the Holocaust, and many wars. Discover more of her life’s work at

California Sculpture
SLAM 2013

The second California Sculpture SLAM came in the summer of 2013. We received 303 artwork entries from 135 sculptors throughout the California.

                                                    About the Juror

Coleen Sterritt (To Be added)

The prizes awarded in that exhibition were:

   Award                  Artist                              Title
First Place          Luis Moreno      The Raw and the Chewable    mixed media
Second Place     Cathy Allen        Bed                                            Wax; metal, wood
Third Place         Donald Ajello     Earth Mother In Flight;            bronze

California Sculpture
SLAM 2011

We debuted California Sculpture SLAM in the summer of 2011. We received 275 artwork entries from sculptors in all of the metropolitan centers throughout the state as well as from lots of country in between.

                            About the juror

                   Charles Arnoldi (To be added) 

The prizes awarded in that show were:

   Award                              Artist                                              Title
First Place                      Linda Vallejo              Little Boy Brown and Brownie

Second Place               Christine Fincke        Brand New Rocking Relic

Third Place                     Yaya Chou                 Chandelier II

Honorable Mention     Henry Wessels      Merde Face Intoxicante 

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