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 Call for Entry

Phantom Project 4:

 Abstract Sculpture and Paintings

from Central Coast Sculptors Group and The Painters Group


August 3–26, 2017


POP-UP Gallery

959 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo

(across Morro from The Apple Store)

Open to the public every

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 1–9 pm

or By Appointment - Call (805) 543-8562

Free admission


Juried exhibition by members of the 

Central Coast Sculptors Group and The Painters Group TPG

affiliated with the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

Entry Deadline: Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jurors: Members of the Phantom Steering Committee of CCSG. All are academically trained sculptors and painters. The jurors will consider how the paintings complement the mostly abstract sculptures, and vice versa.

Eligibility: Phantom Project 4 is open to all current members of the Central Coast Sculptors Group (CCSG), and The Painters Group (TPG). To join or renew membership, visit If you are already a SLOMA member, and just want to add CCSG or TPG group membership, call SLOMA at (805) 543-8562 and register your group membership with the agent using a credit card.

CCSG and TPG members may submit up to three sculptures or paintings. Application is via email only. Send email to with “PP4 Entry” in the subject line. 

Requirements: The theme is abstract or semi-abstract artworks.

Access to the Pop Up Gallery is through the front door: 72” wide and 96” high. Sculptures must be less than 108 inches high. Weight is not an issue for floor-mounted sculpture. Sculptures can be wall mounted (up to 100 pounds), but must have a discernible third dimension greater than 12”. Sculptors must provide pedestals if needed. You may be able to borrow one from another artist, or CCSG can from SLOMA.

Paintings can be up to 48” wide and 108” high. However, where multiple paintings are submitted, only one 48” wide painting is allowed from that artist.

Gallery Sitting Requirement: Accepted artists must sit the gallery exhibition for three four hour shifts. Assignments will take place at take-in at the POP-UP GALLERY, 959 Higuera Street.

Entry Fee: $30 for one or two titles, $45 for three titles.

Entry Format: Submit jpegs at least 300 dpi and no more than 8 inches on any side. Each JPG must be named as follows: For paintings, name the jpeg with the title of the painting only, e.g., MyBeautifulPainting.jpeg. (nothing else).

For sculptures, name the jpeg with the title of the sculpture and indicate view only, e.g. MyIncredibleSculpture.front.jpeg. Include up to three views of one title, if you wish. 

All other artwork information will be taken from the entry form. 

Artwork may or may not be for sale. For any sales, 60% of the sale price will go to the artist. Prices set by the artist may not be changed after entry.

Email your completed entry form and jpegs to The Subject line must say: PP4 Entry. See below for email Call for Artists Entry Form format.

Only emailed applications will be accepted. Please save a copy of your completed form for your own records. Entry deadline is Sunday, July 23, 5:00 p.m.

After you email your application, use this link to pay your entry fee:

Notification: Notification of acceptance will be on or before July 30, 2017 via email mail only. Shipping and delivery instructions will be included.

Take In will be 8am to 12pm, Tuesday, August 1st.

Submission of work to this exhibition constitutes an agreement to the conditions stated in this prospectus and a commitment to show accepted work for the duration of the exhibition. The Jurors and/or SLOMA representatives reserve the right to reject any artwork that does not meet the standards shown in the images supplied. No substitutions are allowed. Sculptures and paintings must be ready to exhibit.

Insurance and Care: SLOMA and CCSG/TPG representatives will make every reasonable effort to protect artwork from the time it is received until it is returned to the artist. SLOMA’s insurance does not cover artwork in transit. For further information, contact Carl Berney at

Entry Deadline: Sunday, July 23, 2017


Construct your email in the format shown below the line.

Replace the XXXXs with your information 

Attachments: Attach your jpegs to this email

(For sculptors with multiple views, name the jpegs: title.(FRONT, BACK, or SIDE).jpeg



Subject: PP4 Entry

Artist Name: XXXXXXXXX

Daytime Phone: XXX XXX XXXX Email: Your email address

JPG #1: Title

Size in inches: XX H; XX W; XX D    

Weight in pounds (sculpture only) XX Pounds


JPG #2: Title:

Size in inches: XX H; XX W; XX D.    

Weight in pounds (sculpture only) XX Pounds


JPG #3: Title:

Size in inches: XX H; XX W; XX D.    

Weight in pounds (sculpture only) XX Pounds