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David Van Zandt

Figurative sculpture has been practiced for millennia throughout the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and literally all over the Planet. In more recent centuries it had evolved into anatomically representative forms in Greece, Europe, China, Japan, India, and the Americas, among other places. In the last century or so we see a renewed exploration of pure “abstracted” form, and a widespread appreciation of essential shape that re- awakens the love of primary form.

The beginnings of human interest in turning clay into shapes and forms were expressively and instinctively abstracted and beautifully simplified with a pure and untutored sense of design. The drive which seems to be embedded within the Human Psyche, in the very fabric of Consciousness itself, has pushed into the worlds of form a great variety of modeled three dimensional affirmations
of the Eternal nature of the Human Spirit as well as its relation to the Animal Kingdom.

This “push” or “birthing” of formal objects has created an extensive bundle of contemporary varieties of a three dimensional visual language of affirmation of our contextually brief appearances as humans upon the Planetary Stages.

Over years of practice as a sculptor, I find myself more interested than ever in the infinite possibilities of portrayal of gesture, movement, attitude, shape, and micro-expression to suggest moments of flickering awareness of the essential miracle of our very existence in any given moment.

The choice of any particular “flash frame” of the “NOW”, frozen in time, is often of mysterious origin. To some, it may be the whim of their Muse. It has become my goal and intention that each frozen moment expressed in form is a successful ”capture” of worthy energetic content left behind to share with others of present and future. It aspires to serve as a beacon, a transmitter of Life Affirming content and the more noble traits of our human-ness. Traits that might increase the possibilities for Life, Liberty, Happiness, and Well Being for all Sentient Beings as we Proceed on the edge of our Journey into the Unknown.

SAUM Portrait of N. D. Paulson
Classic Clay
27 x 25 x 20

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