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Dave Doust
Web:  DaveDoust.com

I am very much in love with color and light.

The dance between them is what I seek to create. As I walk through life, or simply sit in a cafe, I look around at the shapes, textures and colors of everything near me. I think about how they grew or were formed. How can I modify that to create something interesting?
Many times the possibility of a project keeps me thinking as I drift off to sleep. And this is when there are NO limits. I can rotate the object to see it finished the way I want and the creative process has begun. Most of the time the piece is already finished in my mind. It is complete and I work to match that image.

I love using cultured stone as my medium because it flows organically, like lava, completely acquiescing to the space I create for it.

When I open a mold, I say it is born, because a new piece is alive in the world, continuing to grow crystals on a micro-level for decades.

The next step is for someone to chance upon it and smile.

George Brown College
Ceramics- Keith Campbell

University of Toronto
Art Education
Erindale College
Sheridan College

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