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Closure: Leslie Hannon's Sculptural Memoir

March 3rd - April 2nd, 2017 San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

Copyright, Leslie Hannon, All Rights Reserved                                                                                                                                               Photography:  Jack Hamilton

Leslie Hannon
How Closure came about

At a time when I hand wove tapestry pillows, I branched off to develop a decorative trim business. I began selling custom trims to interior designers through Design Showrooms across the country. Developing and producing custom trims using traditional and innovative methodologies was intense, grueling, rewarding and all encompassing. After 20 years, the business ran its course and I retired.

My mind had become permeated with the responsibilities of being a production manager. So after retiring, to return to my first desire, to be an artist, I felt that I needed a transition period. I began to break apart the business and reassemble it into an art form depicting aspects of the business.

“Closure” evolved as a memoir of a period of my life. The work has also been a vehicle for learning techniques that are new to me in sculpture, drawing, painting, woodworking and assemblage. My art reflects gratitude, disclosure and discovery using my past experiences as inspiration.