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Current Exhibition

Phantom Project 15: A Juried Exhibition
SLOMA Pop-Up Gallery
959 Higuera, San Luis Obispo
Open Thursdays through Saturdays, 1—9 pm. September 6th—October 27th
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Next Exhibition

Phantom Project 16: A Juried Exhibition
SLOMA Pop-Up Gallery
959 Higuera, San Luis Obispo
Open Thursdays through Saturdays, 1—9 pm.
November 1st—December 29th

Phantom Project 16 Acceptance Notifications

To all artists who applied to Phantom Project 16:

We appreciate every entry and thank you.

The artwork(s) named below have been selected by the Juror Committee to be part of Phantom Project 16. The Juror Committee selected artworks from 39 of the 56 artists who applied. A total of 61 juried artworks will be on view. 

If your name does not appear below, your work was not selected for the exhibition. This does not reflect on its quality or merits. Limited space is always a factor. We encourage you to submit your work to future exhibitions.


Artist Name                 Artwork(s)
Joseph Amanzio     Popular Culture
                                     Shadow Box
Dave Banta                Deep Seated
                                      Fortune Teller
Carl Berney                 Meditation
Arleen Blake               The Mad Hatter
Drasko Bogdanovic   Dive
Kathy Curtis Cahill     Missing, Presumed…
                                        The Skull Beneath The Skin
Lois Charles                 Yellow Raft
Skye Coddington        Homeward Bound
                                        Stibochiona nicea
Christine Cortese        New Mexico
Charlotte D’Aigle         Urban Cauldron
Dave Doust                   Frozen Flame
                                         Secrets Revealed (if you can see them)
                                         The Source
Leslie Hannon              Tick Tock mf
Mike Hannon                 Ophelia
Peter Holmes                Untitled 10
Ann Kalb Kip                 Fall Tapestry
Korin                               Golden Pond
                                         On Water's Edge
John Langdon             Lord High Executioner
Richard Lossing           Space Explosion

Patrick McGinnis         Grace
Peter Mueller               Ranger_SB Harbor
Pandora Nash-Karner Amorphous Rising
Jean Obermeier         Snowmass
Erik Olson                     Day
Tracy Paz                     Mandala Point of Closure
                                       Set-up for Joe’s Agave
Tom Peck                     Cy Twombly’s Best Friend
                                       Honey Boo Boo’s Mother
                                       Jack Kerouac
Rod and Chris Perez Caballo (Collaboration)
                                       Flor (Collaboration)
Beryl Reichenberg    Birdnest Basket
                                       Paper Fan Basket

Joanne Beaule Ruggles     A True Patriot

Bill Rumbler                 Gold Digger
Houry Semerdjian      Body in Motion
Laurel Sherrie             Anacapa Island, Calm Seas
                                       Highway 46 West, Morning Shadows
Kelly Sosa                     Black Bear Smiles
Jeanne Surber            Elemental
Teva Todd                     Oceano Dunes
Jim Trask                      Eggplant
Nico Vandenheuvel   Gemini
                                        Still Life With Flowers
Kurt Waldo                    Sentinel, 3-5-18
Ken Wilbanks               Twirly Twins
Stephanie Wilbanks   Night + Day
Carol Zee                      Contours Soliloquy #1
                                       Sculpted Vase

Accepted art must be delivered to the Pop-Up Gallery on Sunday, October 28th between 8 am and Noon. The gallery is located at 959 Higuera, SLO, 94301. Sculptors, bring your pedestals. 

Parking is available in the Union Bank lot next door.

If you cannot deliver your art work on Sunday, please contact Carl Berney at or 505-690-4283 to make other arrangements.

Insurance and Care: 
SLOMA and CCSG Representatives will make every effort to protect art from the time it is received until it is returned to the artists but are not responsible for damage or theft of art work during the exhibition.
Gallery Sitting: 
The gallery sitting sign up schedule will be available on SignUp Genius at 5 pm on Sunday Oct. 21st. Accepted artists will receive a link via email at that time.
Pick Up: 
Artworks must be picked up on Sunday, December 30th, between 8 am and noon. If you are unable to pick up your work then, please contact Carl Berney at or 505-690-4283 to arrange a different time.
Duration and Receptions:
Phantom Project 16 opens Thursday, November 1st at 1:00 pm. The exhibition closes on Saturday, December 29th at 9 pm.

There will be an Artists Reception on Friday, November 2nd , 6—9 pm during Art After Dark. There is no reception in December as there is no Art After Dark that month.
Thank you very much for your support of Phantom Project 16 and the Central Coast Sculptors Group.

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